The Flipped Disc – Tidy House, Tidy Profit

Here at DiscFlipper, we’re all about The Discs … Specifically the ones you don’t want any more.

Maybe you simply don’t play CD’s, you’re a downloader now; or you’ve moved from DVD to BluRay; or perhaps some films you bought on a whim which REALLY don’t need to be watched more than once (or half a time even … What were you thinking?).  Box Set of DVDs you’ve grown bored of?  Console Games you’ve completed, grown out of or upgraded to a better version of. CD Box Set your Mum bought you last Christmas (Sorry Mum).  Perhaps you’re moving home, or into student accommodation and simply don’t have room for all those lonely, unloved discs … Well …

We LOVE discs, even if they’re a bit scratched. Or old movies. Or embarrassing TV Series. Or cringeworthy games. Or frankly embarrassing and possibly questionable music.

One of our Disc Flippers, Miss J, sent us a consignment earlier this week and a cheque for a not-too-shoddy £265.76 is currently winging its way to her, and this got us to thinking.  If WE received a cheque for over £260, what could we spend it all on?

1. You could always take the DF team out for pizza?  We like pizza!pizza2. How about a cracking weekend in London at a nice hotel?
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3. Or a supercar experience at your local racetrack? Live that driving game for the afternoon!
Supercar4. Maybe a little winter sun one of the Greek Isles?
Zante5. Creating a monster glow-in-the-dark hangover with some of your besties?BeerBottles6.  Designer Shoes?  Oooooh now there’s a thought.DesignerShoes7. Or maybe some fancy new tech?  Gadgets, Consoles, Earphones, Cameras, Helicopters you can crash into your Gran’s chandelier on Boxing Day? Random stuff that serves little purpose? There’s soooo much to choose from.GADGTECH8. Donate it all to charity.  Just think of the warm glow of karma in which you can bask!Charity9.  A super-lazy Sunday Morning in bed (aka a TV/DVD combo for your bedroom).TVDVDCombo10. Hey, what about buying more discs? But new, exciting, better ones!Discs

Obviously, we will leave how you blow your money entirely up to you (and we were joking over pizza, we don’t really expect you to take us out for dinner!).  We do however make it SUPER EASY to send your discs to us.  With our new app and easy to use website, you can scan or check in your items and get an instant value quote, and if you’re sending us more than 25 items, we’ll even pick it up for free and then, within 7 days or so, a cheque will be on its way to you, so that you can plan how to blow your new spendies!

Until next time, keep Flipping them Discs, DF x