The Flipped Disc – Our Top Ten Favourite Movie Quotes


Movies give us so much more than just a couple of hours viewing pleasure; they give us movie quotes; which often live far longer than the film in question. People parody, quote, mis-quote and abuse lines from films that were made before they were even born. We all have our own list of best-loved movie quotes and frankly FAR too many to cram into a trifling little “top ten” list, but here’s a few of our favourites.

“You’re only supposed to blow the Bloody Doors Off”

Who Said It: Charlie Croker

Film: The Italian Job

Why: In response to a slight over usage of explosives on a vehicle (the entire vehicle is destroyed, rather than just the doors)


“Burn Rubber does not mean Warp Speed”

Who Said It: Sam Emerson

Film: The Lost Boys

Why: Attempting to escape a perilous situation, they almost drive off a cliff.  This movie is rife with classic quotes and always worth a watch


“You can’t Handle the Truth”

Who Said It: Col Nathan R Jessup

Film: A Few Good Men

Why: Finally loses composure after a skilful interrogation on the stand, the film showcases Nicholson’s and Cruise’s acting abilities


“Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape”

Who Said It: George Taylor

Film: Planet of the Apes

Why: Showing his disgust at being man-handled (well, ape-handled) by an ape (obviously)


“I’ll have what She’s having”

Who Said It: Unnamed restaurant customer

Film: When Harry Met Sally

Why: In response to observing Sally fake an orgasm to prove a point


“Here’s Johnny”

Who Said It: Jack Torrance

Film: The Shining

Why: Jack has made a new opening in a door and announces his “presence” (oft parodied and never equalled)


“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary”

Who Said It: John Keating

Film: Dead Poets Society

Why: Robin Williams nails it as the inspirational teacher to reach his students


“We’ve been Expecting You”

Who Said It: Ernst Blofeld

Film: Diamonds Are Forever

Why: Bond has sneaked into the penthouse and Blofeld, ever the comedian,  ensures Bonds knows he knows that he is there


“These things go to Eleven”

Who Said It: Nigel Tufnel

Film: This is Spinal Tap

Why: Rock star explains why his amps are better than anyone else’s


“Hasta La Vista, Baby”

Who Said It: T-800 Terminator

Film: Terminator II: Judgement Day

Why: John Connor discovers he had complete control over the T-800 unit, so first tests it and then teaches it to “blend in” with society, good job John, good job



So if you find yourselves with some movie discs you no longer feel like quoting from, why not send them into us!

Well that’s it for this now, until next time, keep Flipping them Discs! DF x