The Flipped Disc – Personality Type by Film

Pulp Fiction

We were recently looking at our eclectic collection of DVDs (we admit to owning several impulse purchases and more than one or two “as-yet-unviewed” bargain bin failures – sorry David Hasselhoff, but this does include one of yours) and wondered what a psychologist would make of it.

Anyway, this got us to thinking: can you REALLY glean important information about somebody’s character by looking at the movies they like to watch?

For instance, you’ve agreed to meet your date at their place for a drink before setting off for a nice meal. What should set you running for the hills?

Or perhaps you’re viewing a flat that you might be sharing for the next few years of university life? Will it be a party or a hell ride?

Maybe your daughter has been invited on holiday and you go to the parent’s pad to meet for a coffee? Does darling girl get to go? Or should you be inventing excuses?

Here’s a list of popular films and what we think they might indicate about their owner:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Your filmie might just be an IDEALIST, they will probably be looking for the best in every situation, but watch out if there’s only salted popcorn at the stand and they wanted sweet, there could be a massive pout situation brewing if things don’t go perfectly to plan.


Star Wars

The original trilogy demonstrates HOPEFUL OPTIMISM that good will win over evil and your film lover has a good understanding of loyalty to his or her comrades. Add the prequels and we’re looking at loyalty to George Lucas. Add the digitally remastered set in about 4 different formats and it might just be time to suspect serial addiction, especially if they have already booked tickets for the 7th film.


Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, The Shop Around the Corner

Romantic Comedies of quality do generally indicate a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, however if you temper the modern schmaltz with classics, such as The Shop Around the Corner (upon which You’ve Got Mail was based) then you might have found somebody with not only good taste but a romantic streak that isn’t “too” wide.


Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Desperado

Slightly deeper than your average action-flick lover, Tarantino has some DEEP THINKERs among his fans. However, one might surmise that if there is nothing but wall-to-wall blood spatter you might possibly have walked into the den of a serial killer. Or possibly just somebody who enjoys the visual stimuli of aggressive violence a little bit more than you do.


Complete Series of CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, Without a Trace

Your TV series fanatic has a keen and INQUISITIVE MIND, you’ll struggle to keep secrets from these guys! You may occasionally be grossed out by their passion for slightly disgusting things.


Indiana Jones and the Anything of Anything

Your LOW ATTENTION SPAN filmie is an all-round decent type but might feel the urge to go wandering or adventuring; something to consider if you plan on sharing rent one day. May be prone to forget what they are doing and follow a sparkly balloon.


The Matrix, Bladerunner, The Butterfly Effect, The Truman Show

This film lover might just be MILDLY PARANOID and prone to question not just what YOU may do, but also the reason why there is a letter on the doormat, why that dog is looking at you both funny or if there really is aluminium in their yoghurt. (By the way, THIS DiscFlipper owns the Matrix Trilogy). Pass the tin-foil hat.


She’s All That, Picture Perfect, Kate & Leopold

Needs CUTE in their lives and cannot survive without a happy ending. Not necessarily a bad thing but easily disappointed so make sure if you order extra pepperoni on their pizza that you have pepperoni in the fridge, you know, just in case.


Entirely Anime, Manga, Studio Ghibli

Unless you are in the domain of a pre-teen/teen, you may surmise that your adult lover of Japanese Animation is most likely a HIGHLY INTELLIGENT and perhaps idealistic individual, who is unafraid to show their true colours. Sometimes visually or emotionally disturbing, this genre needs deeper thinking than enjoyable fluff such as Shrek and most certainly isn’t “just for kids”. Give it a go, you might just enjoy it!


Caddy Shack, There’s Something About Mary, The Man with Two Brains

You’ve met yourself a comedy lover who just might not take life too seriously, this LIGHTHEARTED individual should be a bit of fun to be around, but you may wish to cancel tickets to the Opera as your average comedy-addict tends to find anything outside their favourite genre a bit dry.



Well that’s our character assassinations; sorry we mean “light-hearted assessments”; done for the day!

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