Welcome to The Flipped Disc

The Flipped Disc

 Hi and welcome to The Flipped Disc, the new blog from Disc Flipper. “Who are you”? We hear you say … Okay, we might have made that bit up; luckily we don’t hear voices in our heads (unless we’ve got tunes on our earphones, of course).

DiscFlipper buys yours discs, DVDs, BluRay, CDs and Console Games, either at our DropZone in Marley Way, Banbury or find out how to post them to us via the website www.discflipper.com where you can get an INSTANT quote for your goodies and if you have 25 items or more to send, we will even collect them from you for free! Payment is by cheque and will arrive with you shortly after we have received and processed your discs.

Guide to Getting Rid

 Autumn is definitely on its way and that always brings us to think of making space for Christmas presents. Yes, we’re odd like that. And probably like getting prezzies a bit too much :-)

By getting rid of things you no longer want, need or like (your partner, pets, extended family and kids are exempt from this, sorry) you can create space, beautiful space for more wonderful things to place in your life and home. While you’re at it, you could make a few quid to help purchase those wondrous articles.

Anyway, just what is the BEST possible way to clear some space? Have a tidy-your-pad-party with your friends and the “winner” gets to take your junk home? Go on a reality TV show where your stuff-crammed home will be seen (and judged) by millions? Invite some locusts in and hope they don’t eat the good bits? Buy a new house and start again? If this is all a bit dull, and you crave more “exciting” ways to rid yourself of that junk:

  • Tie your stuff to a steam stack and wait for detonation
  • Borrow an atomic bomb?
  • Let a crazy scientist /mechanic turn it into a rocket powered motorbike
  • Send it all back in time and bribe somebody to pop it onto an Apollo mission

… OR … You could just send your discs to DiscFlipper!


That’s it from us for now, until next time, Keep Flipping Them Discs xxx